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Galapaghost Takes Listeners Through Time Traveling Dreams In Album Sootie

29 Sep

Upon first listening to Galapaghost, the sense and vibe of 90s rock runs through Sootie. Standout tracks on the album include Bedtime and Jellyghost. Bedtime has synthy waves and tones of 90s rock. On the other end of the spectrum, Jellyghost has similar musical qualities of Bedtime, but it has more free form instrumentals and tones. With lyrics that point out the routine nuances of life, it carries an out of this world experience. Listeners will find that the music on this album sounds similar to the Islands, The Shins, and the Unicorns. Galapaghost showcases Casey Chandler’s talents from a 360 view. From personal tracks to the organic nature of the album Sootie, this should be on everyone’s must listen to list for 2018.

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Novagolde Rocks To The Beat of A New Galaxy

14 Jul

If you want to treat yourself to music that you can dance to, cue up in your headphones, and experience nostalgia all in one, turn your music up to all that is Novagolde. A mixture of space and galaxy rock, Novagolde rocks you to your core. Dubbed ancient rock, the lyrics vary from talking about emotions, thoughts, and memories. All of these are characteristics of good songs, but particularly songs from the 90s highlight this narrative quality to another vision. While the band hails from Madison, WI, their music stands out amongst a genre that a variety of artists have meshed their sound into. There is not a single weak track on the album, though a standout track is A Chain Reaction. Novagolde, hurry up and launch your tour. Your music is not only tantalizing to the ears,but paints an auditory experience for your listeners in the new galaxy you have created.

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