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We Are The Catalyst Wows With Newest Single Predators

23 Sep

Upon first listening to We Are The Catalyst, the single Predators sets the baseline for listener’s expectations. A mixture of heavy grunge, metal, and rock all embody the musical genre qualities of their music. With lyrics such as “your love embrace, our empty faith” carry more meaning than your typical standalone lyric. References are made about the afterlife, faith, and fighting to win any battle that comes your way. If this single is an adequate representation of their album Ephemeral set to release in 2019, listeners will not be disappointed. Similar groups that sound similar to We Are The Catalyst, include Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, and Pretty Reckless. Not only does the band wow with their developed sound, but the combination of the lyrical and musical talent make them stand out even further.

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Lola De Hanna Delivers Reflective, Yet Blend of Soft Sound Within Welcome

6 Aug

When listeners first take a listen to Lola De Hanna, they will first and foremost pickup on the reflective, yet poignant nature of her music. Drawing similarities from female vocalists like Amy Lee from Evanescence and Natalie Imbruglia, Lola’s vocal talent doesn’t fall short of great. Overall, the album touches on the thoughts of dreams, angst, and heartbreak. Hailing from the sound as well that 90s rock has, the lyrics of her album stay with those who listen. “There are other ways around this, we can make it work” are just a few bits and pieces of her deep and meaningful lyrics within the Welcome album. For those wanting an audio flashback of the greatness of the 90s in present day, be prepared to play Lola De Hanna on repeat.

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Crooked Flower Proves Grunge Rock Is Timeless With Newest EP Darkness & Light

6 Jun

Crooked Flower brings their rock and grunge sound to light in their album Darkness and Light. With lyrics that are reflective and full of grit, listeners will find that their sound is very similar to Natalie Imbruglia, Paramore, No Doubt, and a dash of vocal talents of Amy Lee from Evanescence. The casual style of writing and vivid descriptions through the four track EP draws you in and keeps you listening. A standout lyric within the album includes “I still see you, still I see you there, I don’t need you, I don’t even care”. The vocal talents of Angela Dang and the musical arrangement together yield a standout and distinct sound that is distinctively Crooked Flower. Overall, Darkness and Light brings that 1990s grunge rock and 2018 embraces that with open arms.

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*Track Is From Crooked Flower’s previous album, Between Two Stars

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