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ALYA’s Experimental Sound In 10 Years of Solitude Makes A Statement

20 Apr

ALYA’s Ten Years of Solitude sounds like the underrated movie soundtrack score that people cannot stop talking about after a lackluster cinematic experience. Born in Russia, musician Alya Michelson carries a wordly sound that only contributes to her powerful vibe. If her listeners think that she is solely musically talented, they will not be surprised that a classically trained ballerina, performance artist, painter, and multi-linguist accompany her musician title. Something that should be noted about this album is that all profits from it will go towards the Naked Heart Foundation directly helping kids with special needs and learning disabilities, led by Natalya Vodyanova. When listening to her music, the talent that lies within her vocally is immediately heard. Singers whose voices her audience may find similarities between include Gwen Stefani, Amy Lynn Hartzler of Evanescence, and Amanda Palmer. Her sound has a mixture of theatre, vaudeville undertones, and Eastern European elements. ALYA’s music has received recognition as well being named Best Music Video: Animals by the California Women’s Film Festival and Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Through her raw energy and vessel of a voice, ALYA is off to a great start with her music in 2019.

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