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Jukebox The Ghost New Single “Somebody”

19 Apr

Jukebox the Ghost will not create an uncatchy song. It’s just not in their poppy nature. The Philadelphia-based band who met while attending school at George Washington University, has succeeded in creating indie/pop music that is far from corny. No, the well-read trio blends effervescent hooks and wonderful melodies. Lead vocalist and pianist Ben Thornewill has a magnetic voice and can just flat-out riff on the piano. Tommy Siegel (vocals & guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums) carry the rest of the rhythm, Siegel providing some neat guitar licks and efficient back-up vocals. The band has been rocking since 2006 and show no signs of stopping. How do I know? Well, their new album Safe Travels is coming out June 12.

I’ve written about Jukebox before in a post featuring what I coined at the time “Anthemic Indie” and I do think they still fit in that category if only because their music is so easily singable and it is hard to resist singing out the tunes with them. You can check out that post here.

“Somebody,” a single off of the new album, is now available on iTunes and you can access it by checking out Jukebox’s site here. Let’s take a listen.

The song begins like a slowed down Fitz and the Tantrums piece – kind of rhythmic Motown meets funky indie. Thornewill and Siegel immediately embark on a succesful harmony during the verse which is carried by Kristin’s beat. The chorus takes on its own mold. Originally I thought I could compare it to Ben Folds, but I’m starting to think that the vocal swoons and unique rhythms are just Jukebox the Ghost. The best comparison is the band itself. In six years the band has certainly developed their own sound and it is easy to recognize their brand of pop. The song moves (with some more guitar stylings) and the catchy chorus that sticks.

If the rest of the album plays like “Somebody” we will be in for a good one. There is no reason to doubt it.

Beatles’ Selling, Axl Suing, Fleet Foxes Personalizing

24 Nov

Who said that the agreement that finally put Beatles‘ songs up for sale on iTunes was no big deal? After a week on iTunes, The Beatles’ have sold 450,000 albums and two million individual songs worldwide.

Link: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/24/beatles-week-1-2-million-singles-sold-but-which-classics-endure/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Am I surprised? No. The Beatles once again prove why they are the biggest band in the world. Ever. It does not matter that they broke up 40 years ago. Hey, Usher, remember when you said Justin Beiber was a pop craze like the Beatles. Lets see if 40 years from now he is still selling like the Beatles.

The massive quantity of songs and albums sold reflect a symbolic jailbreak of music. It is nice to see that people did not acquire the mp3 versions of the songs for their portable music devices illegally. Well, some, some waited to acquire the music legally.

So, I guess we can look at the ratings and see what is officially the most popular Beatles’ song and album – according to iTunes sales.

Best Selling Album: Abbey Road

Best Selling Song: Here Comes the Sun“…

Which is off of Abbey Road, my favorite Beatles’ album. iTunes fans have spoken. Now, while the best Beatles’ song is arguably “A Day in the Life” and best album probably is the one with peppers in its name, this is certainly telling. Heck, Abbey Road was the last album released before the Beatles dissolved. Imagine if they kept releasing music. Do you see what I did there?


In other news, Axl Rose is suing Activision, makers of the Guitar Hero games, for $20 million. Yawn. Store this in the I don’t really care news bin. Rose, who is already rich, is looking for more money because…well read the article if you are interested.

Link: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/axl-rose-sues-activision-over-guns-n-roses-guitar-hero-feature/story-e6frfku0-1225960010189


Performing on Letterman (Credit: Blush Photo)

Fleet Foxes, the awesome indie/folk band from Seattle that took the country by storm with their eponymous first album in 2008, is planning on releasing their new album in the Spring of next year.

According to lead singer Robin Pecknold, the album is going to travel inwards.

“It’s a lot more personal to me and direct in terms of the lyrics, less shrouded in metaphor or visuals. Musically I’d say it’s still in the same family but hopefully just more refined,” said Pecknold in an interview with clashmusic.com

I am excited. Fleet Foxes is an excellent modern band that have the attention of true music lovers. Their brand of folk/rock calls back to the 60’s musical tradition and I am eager to hear what is coming next.

Link: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/fleet-foxes-finish-more-personal-album_1185915

The Beatles Are Now On iTunes

16 Nov

The Beatles Are Now On iTunes

This is the image you are greeted with when you go to Apple.com. The fab four have never gotten this spread on Apple, mainly because they were not on iTunes. Well, now they are.

Oh, that massive library of hits. Apple has been trying to get their hands on that for a long time. And, finally, a promotion is awaiting the people who settled the differences and worked around the finances of the band.


That link takes you to the download page on iTunes.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you don’t currently have the entire Beatles’ library on your iPod (I do) then you can now purchase choice Beatles’ songs for 99 cents a pop. But, be careful. A spending spree may be in order for many listeners. Similar to Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop downloading songs!

Yesterday, I brought you a post saying that it might happen and today I bring you this saying that it did. I am happy when I am right. So, go on iTunes and enjoy some Beatles’ downloading…and make the richest band ever, richer!

Now, the real question of the morning is what song should I use to celebrate this agreement. It may be just as complicated as the whole Apple+Beatles situation. Okay, maybe not. I got it. Symbolism?

Another Brick In The Wall/Your Ipod Playlist

15 Nov

Are the Beatles finally coming to iTunes?




Will the long-standing feud come to an end tomorrow? According the the Wall Street Journal, the answer is a:

You all know you liked what I did there? Beatles’ puns are the best. Apple’s “exciting announcement” will be made tomorrow and despite Yoko Ono‘s quieting of rumors back in August, the WSJ cites sources close to the situation who believe that this will be the statement. What took so long? The Beatles’ finances are like an inextricable web of numbers and agreements. Let’s be real. It wont be untangled, but, intelligent people can work around it if they have patience. It is possible that the conflict has ended and finally iTunes customers will be able to download Beatles’ music from the music service tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

“We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control.” You can just hear the eery sound of the school children’s choir. Well, a Tampa choir is going to have that pleasure tomorrow. And, in this bloggers mind, that is amazing!


Yes, I am jealous of the 12-year-old. This is such a cool opportunity. Seriously, it makes me giddy. It is like “School of Rock” except instead of Jack Black it is Roger Waters. (Insert Joke Here). Have fun out there kids. And, remember, “Leave them kids alone”

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