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Beyond Beyond Carries A Variety Of Tones & Eternal Sound From Lightning Hunter

6 Dec

If one merges the concept of eternity and experimental music, they will get the creation from Lightning Hunter. With the style of progressive rock instrumentally strung throughout the album, listeners identify quickly the raw and organic undertones that Charles Scandura intertwines in his music. With a heavy emphasis on time in this album and drawn out synths, you can hear the mixing of self expression and passion all mixed in one. Compared to the bands Placebo, Silversun Pickups, and Soundgarden, Lighting Hunter has made a name for themselves within the progressive music world. Between mixing references to brain science and our connection to the universe and more philosophical musings of our existence and our human-ness, they leave the listeners thinking. As an aside from having strong music, the songs on the album hold powerful meanings to the words that make up the lyrics, shattering the bonds of time and space infinitely.

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Fields of Ancient Light From Beyond Beyond



Nocturnal Animal’s Writing On The Walls May Be The Next Best Thing In Atlanta

2 Oct

When you tune up Writing On The Walls, kick back and get teleported back to the hair metal and classic rock. The album showcases a variety of songs and moods to each one. Some of the standout tracks include Shiver and Fake Love. Fake Love carries the tone of the classic rock goodness and traditional rock synth. Shiver on contrast, sounds like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins and Silversun Pickups. Nocturnal Animal’s overall sound sounds effortlessly organic, evolved, and authentic. In a music culture that sometimes steers musicians and groups in other directions, this band sounds like they know exactly who they are and how their sound should evolve. Amongst the local Atlanta music scene, I have not gotten the chance to hear them until now. With all of that aside, the musicianship and musical arrangement sounds well thought out, effectively mixing it up between moody rock and something all their own. Nocturnal Animals, hopefully I’ll get a chance to see you in Atlanta soon.

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