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Alabama Song Channels The Soul of Music

8 May

Close your eyes and envision a nostalgic feel and you will get Alabama Song from Nancy Wenstrom. With lyrics referencing the flowers of Alabama and the red mockingbird, Wenstrom does an amazing job at creating the atmosphere through her words. Not only is it a reflective song full of memories and details, but it carries an almost inner peace on her time back in Alabama as a teenager. The fact that she can’t return because her family is no longer there in Alabama makes this song and memories even more bittersweet as you experience them as a listener. Deeply influenced by her transient life and always moving around a lot, its not too surprising that it carries into her songs. For someone who wants to listen to original Americana music, listeners will be in for a treat when they listen to Inside Story.

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In This Place From Thorin Loeks Captures Pieces of Soulful Reflection

17 Apr

Overall, In This Place captures all the reflecting and soulful introspection than one needs to hear during the time of a pandemic. The vocals of Thorin Loeks are mesmerizing from track to track. Some standout songs on this album include Open Sky and With You. Musically, one hears a beautiful mix between acoustic and Americana with heartfelt lyrics. With lyrics from Open Sky “we’ll find a way to make this right, to make it right”, it packs a deep punch to listeners thinking about their life path upon an open sky. Looking further into this, listeners will connect the feeling of being a wanderer with a feeling of wanting to feel grounded as well. As a result of a three year project, the album feels like a book waiting to be read and consumed by the voracious reader. Without a doubt, I’m going to have this album on repeat as it balances the reflecting with easy listening.

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Get Big From Keen Garrity Channels Soul Seeking In Memorable Debut Album

3 Mar

Upon first listen to Keen Garrity, listeners will think of the smooth vocals of Shania Twain and songs from the heart. From the song Shotgun with poignant lyrics such as “when I met you, we ignited and I was firing on all cylinders” hit listeners right where they can feel it. Garrity’s voice sounds refined and constant through the album. She has an impressive vocal range and none of her variants in her voice sound off. As the album progresses, there is a quality that almost feels cinematic and transitional. The album Get Big begins with the anger and fury. When Get Big transitions to the song Walkabout/Stroll On and listeners hear the words “you made this heart the shadow of your own”, it sounds like the character is reaching a turning point and reclaiming their power. Just the detail in the lyrics by entangling metaphors and literal references alone makes her songwriting standout and her stories memorable. Get Big is the perfect album for anyone who wants to hear an original reflection on a journey that while coming from the genius of Garrity, listeners can channel all on their own with every listen.

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Let It All Krumble By Lyndol Descant Brings Significant Emotion & The Power of Life’s Journeys

20 Feb

Upon first listening to Lyndol Descant, you will hear the raw and original vocal talents in Let It All Krumble. With lyrics such as “nothing around me shines, but my mind still sees the light” mixes dashes of eternal melancholy with unwavering optimism. Her voice sounds that of the likes of Natalie Imbruglia with her sultry, but clear vocal tones and sound. Overall the song mixes a musing tone and almost a reflective cautionary tale to the audience. Best explained when listeners listen they will hear the song going one way at first, and then pivoting into something else. As it progresses, Descant mentions the power of the heart and mentions it in her lyrics of mentioning her “heart dances tonight”. If you are listening to Lyndol Descant for the first time, keep listening because I’m hooked. She not only carries authenticity in her music, but with a classic and sophisticated sound, her audiences will be excited to see what is next for Lyndol Descant on her musical journey.

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Dance Without Fear Channels Soulful Feels & Worldly Sounds

2 Feb

Dance Without Fear lives up to its title as listeners take a listen. With a worldly sound kicking off the song, you can feel the wonderful mix of instruments all combining to make an unique combination. Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench team up with iSTAND and Danny Spring in this latest release. The lyrics carry a laid back attitude with words such as. “you hear, we are going to dance without fear” and “flow to the rhythm”. Further feel good lyrics such as “that’s when the celebrating starts” merges the fusion of these two artists. The Indie sound combined with the elements of Reggae music result in a magnificent pairing. The highlighted fusion in all the right places within the song points to the likes of will.i.am and Shaggy. Musically, hearing the xylophone and the rock rhythm of the drums effectively merges the sounds of tropical sound and rock. Listeners will be on the edge of their seats excited to see what this duo will come up with next.

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