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Bitter’s Kiss Paints Heartfelt Melodies

2 Feb


Bitter’s Kiss Self Titled Album brings out the inner hearty angst that anyone has post breakup, build up of heartache, and unrequited love. Chloe Baker’s voice paints a heartfelt picture through the tracks and the soft strums of the guitar and accompanying piano carries the 90s acoustic sound the album has overall.  Baker’s vocals sound reminiscent of Allison Kraus, and have a soft ethereal quality to them.  Her newest single, “No One Will” was shot in Cork, Ireland and delivers a reflective tone and artistic reflection throughout the video. For only having released other songs since 2015, its not too surprising that Baker has made herself known within a short amount of time. Overall, the album delivers almost a growth of emotions, ranging from heartache to sometimes a melancholic stream of consciousness. With Baker’s reflective songwriting and continued growth as a songwriter, listeners should take note of Bitter’s Kiss anthems.

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Nobody Quite So True, Temporary Hero Delivers A Storytelling Anthem

8 Dec


Listening to the initial 1950s doo-wop opening track of the album “Chet”, Temporary Hero sweeps you away into another world. With folky undertones of sound of snapping fingers on tracks and ba da da’s, one can say the approach Temporary Hero takes in his music stands out. It should not surprise new listeners to the band, that he has already made two other albums previously, paying tribute to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Some tracks on the album such as Time After Time, and I Get Along Without You Very Well, sound a little bit more electronic inspired than the soul and borderline hip hop sounding  I’ve Never Been In Love Before. The sum of the lyrics on this album point to that of more than your typical musician, it goes more alongside the thought of finger tips tracing outlines of a writer’s innermost thoughts, building upon the layers of surreal dreams. Without a doubt, Temporary Hero makes listeners experience a variety of emotions from the lighthearted heart thump to a sense of melancholic daydream.

Let’s Go Safari teach the art of breaking bad news

28 Jun

There’s a saying that you should break bad news with cake. (Or, according the current Internet trend, cute animals.) Even if they are devastated by the news, it is scientifically impossible to stay down for long with cake. Dorset-based band Let’s Go Safari have taken this method to the logical extreme by delivering almost hilariously bleak messages to summery indie pop.

Let's Go Safari

Ignore their depressing promises: the five piece band have definitely been having a good year. In the last twelve months, they have signed to Red Dragon Records, released their first EP ‘Curiosity Killed… Let’s Go Safari’ and recruited two new members to their guitar pop family. Their aim is to create ‘meticulously messy’ songs which they seem to have achieved; each song bounces from verse to chorus in unexpected ways. If you are a fan of the Shins, you will feel in familiar territory with them, despite the South Coast accents.

The most downcast song on the EP (Curiosity Kills…) is the ‘Glad to Be a Grad’, which explores the journey from optimistic University student to jaded graduate. “Take it from me, the job market’s crashed,” lead singer Ryan Woods chirps happily to an unbearably sweet pop riff. Fortunately, The simple, music-box like riff prevents it from being too depressing.

Let’s Go Safari also get a chance to show their more romantic side on ‘Down in the Basement’, although it’s filled with the same painfully honest Arctic Monkeys-like social commentary. The singer explains he doesn’t care if he a girl doesn’t ‘put out’ on the second date, despite lusting after a romance straight from the movies. Like all of their songs, it has a catchy chorus that crowds could easily pick up and sing to at a festival, as well as enough hidden depths to keep dedicated fans interested.

Check out their website, and follow the band through their Facebook.

You Need Various Hands to Throw A Party

13 Aug

Note: Bands of Summer Part II is up and running. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to go through my backlog of new bands that are on my list for features. Get ready to learn about some hot new bands, and become a music hipster – know cool before they were cool!

Various Hand’s debut EP guarentees you that This Party Will Be Fun, and if you are into fast-paced, inventive pop/rock similar to Maroon Five you will have a good time at Jeff Nations’ party. Nations, the lead vocalist and instrumentalist – he plays and sings everything, released this energetic debut in November of 2011, and it has since launched the band in rotation on 300+ college radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nations has signed licenses with 14 TV networks including MTV, VH1 and Discovery for possible placement in those networks’ programs.

The EP plays quickly, each song a mover devoted to get you up on your feet and singing along. It’s upbeat, anthemic quality is heavy on basic chord progressions and rapid drum beats, simple but refreshing. It’s a bouncy, fun, uncomplicated, and concise release.

“Blame It On The Night” combines a scratchy guitar riff with a foot-tapping rhythm and loyal bass line.

Check out more:

Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Three in Three: The Indie Pop Stylings of The Royal Bear

24 Apr

Today was an uplifting day in New York. My Dad and I took advantage of a perfect Sunday sunny afternoon and went to a New York Mets game. We sat in incredible seats and, while we were both scorched by the unexpected sun, we enjoyed a Mets victory. A beautiful day results in some brand spankin’ new pop music, and part two of The Music Court’s “Three in Three” section. The band is an Indie Pop foursome named The Royal Bear from Seattle that recorded their debut full-length album Attack at Bear Creek Studios, the well-known farm studio that housed Fleet Foxes. The Royal Bear actually entered Bear Creek right after Fleet Foxes left, so they recorded their debut album when the vibes were flowing in the studio.

What came of their 10-day session? A fresh take on indie pop that moves skillfully with head-bopping rhythms, punky guitar tablature and light melodies. The Royal Bear wants their music to be fun and because of the bubbly and driving rhythm it maintains it’s fluffy pop characteristics even with its post-punk sentiments. And, this results in exciting music that is enjoyable and catchy. Listen to “Keeping Secrets” on the band’s website.


The song fulfills its pop test in the first few notes. Some of looked at the band as 80’s because of its focus on “heavy pop,” but the rhythm suggests indie pop with a hint of punk. This genre combination allows The Royal Bear to effortlessly mix the airy simplicity of pop with easy-going punk elements. The result is fun music which is the exact intention of The Royal Bear.

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