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Vampire’s Ball From Sluka Delivers Enchanting Visuals & Powerful Energy In Latest Video

4 Aug










Christopher Sluka delivers enchanting visuals in the latest video for Vampire’s Ball with an opening piano intro that draws similarities to David Bowie in his vocals. Directed by Eric Bishop, the video begins with a view of a boardwalk and visual images around the idea of common place areas that everyone frequents to that of Sluka in front of an ethereal backdrop and then finishing into a statement on social activism, something our world needs right now. With lyrics like they cry all the time, and we may never look back demonstrates the uncertainty in the world, both in pandemic and social issues. You can definitely sense an international tone to his music and a worldly view to what is important to this group. Finding musical inspiration in Japan, Sluka previously had released albums there as he felt more connected to the musical energy. If you aren’t inspired already, Christopher Sluka is an artist through and through, creating oil paintings and having shown his art in galleries all around the world. Tying the greatness of the band with an accompanying visual masterpiece with love, pain, and hope wrapped all in one will exceed audience’s expectations as they tune in.

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Hey Oh From Sluka Gives Us A Preview As To What To Expect From Album Ready To Connect

6 Dec

With the music flowing creating an atmosphere that will have listeners rocking their foot and dancing around their living room, Sluka makes feel good music. When you close your eyes and listen to the song, you get a feeling of happiness and freedom within. Instrumentally, the single carries the tone of the mandolin and the other collective instruments in a swirl, mixes it up, and gives you music that is truly timeless. One of the first things listeners will notice about Sluka’s music is that one won’t be able to pin it down to one region or one location. Not only is this due to the fact that Sluka was exposed to different music all over the world, with his family moving frequently, but I think that its intentional as well. To have a sound that is wordly, sends a second message of all if welcome and no matter where you are, the sound of Sluka fits. Some interesting facts about this musician include the very diverse side pursuits he has gone after as well. While not performing he is a visual artist, distance runner, aircraft pilot, and owner of his own flight school. Audiences who listen to his music will not only feel a connection to his moving songs, but will sense that passion for music making runs to Sluka’s core.

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Sluka Releases Ready To Connect With Progressive Rock Genius

13 Jul

Take one listen to Sluka and you will find nothing short of energy within their vocals and songs. With the anthem repeating Ready To Connect, Sluka makes sure to sound militant and steadfast in their delivery. The progressive rock instrumentals setup this almost galaxy like world, and Sluka invites you into their auditory space. Their lyrics are somewhat political as they make a statement about society with force “ready to connect, every time we pick and choose, ready to connect”. One could infer that they are referencing society’s decisions and how much power an individual has in choosing to choose to connect, while in ironicness not connecting. When listeners hear this band, they can hear similarities to David Bowie, The Monkees, and Dhani Harrison. The band is made up of Lis Viega, Alexandra Holt, Anna Eppink, and Christopher Sluka. With the alternative rock and post punk vibes running through the single, audiences should listen to this single in anticipation of more out of this world music to come.

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