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Hot Rumours Fuels The Soul With Run To Me

9 Mar



Hot Rumours presents their sound with unlimited effortlessness. Fueling the song’s soundRun to Me, it carries the undertones of rock and roll, angst, and the spirit of authentic feelings. Hailing from Frankie Siragusa, most known for working with members of acclaimed groups such as The Decemberists, Reggie Watts, and REM, Hot Rumours brings the vocalist Aaron Ficchi’s sound into a genre of sophistication and the epitome of brilliant music making. Within the track, Run To Me, it carries deep metaphors as well with lyrics such as “everytime you wake up to someone else, you drive yourself alone”. While Run To Me gives us a glimpse into their debut EP, listeners will be thrilled to know that a West Coast exclusive tour will be in the works for summer, simply spreading the sound of Hot Rumours to ears filled with anticipation.

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A Riot in Soho

1 Apr

Soho Riots

Formed at Liverpool University in 2012, Soho Riots is an Indie foursome with a penchant for infectious rock and a flavor that mixes The Killers with Matchbox 20. For such a fledgling band, Soho Riots plays with almost effortless skill, focusing mainly on terrific vocals and catchy beats. The tunes move quickly with punk-like rhythms and moving guitar riffs. It’s always exciting coming across a band who, despite maintaining the fire of youthful vigor, construct songs fastidiously. It is this balance that makes Soho Riots a band you most certainly want to keep an eye out for on either side of the pond.
“Who’s Your Man” is a perfect example of what I write above. The song features a driving rhythm and a neat guitar riff that hug efficient vocals. It is a model of a well-developed piece. And, above all, the song is damn catchy, sticking with you after it ends. The toe-tapping is quick, memorable and has the makings of a great single.
“702” immediately yells alt/punk to me. A little Strokes, Weezer, and other alternative rock/punk fusion bands come to mind. The song, though, feels most like an early Killers song – a high compliment. It has the sheer potency to find a diverse audience, and I’m happy to share it with you all.
Find out more about Soho Riots: Facebook, Youtube

The Wall of Boolfight

17 Dec

Boolfight - Album cover (cover art by Klara Domröse)We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean today to become acquainted with Boolfight, a French Indie-rock outfit that successfully blends beat-driven synthesizers with Killers-like rhythms and melodies. The band released their new album, Feral, in November, and the inventive spread of tunes benefits from a collaboration with Nicolas Fromageau, who many of you M83 fans might know as the musician that created the band’s first two albums with frontman Anthony Gonzalez. After leaving M83, Fromageau founded his current heavy-electronic group, Team Ghost, which will release its second album next year. Adding Fromageau’s proclivity for an effective electronic sound helps elevate Boolfight’s music in the new release, but Boolfight provides a far tamer sound than heavy shoegaze electronica.

“Deluxe” has a simple 80’s feel to the opening of the piece. It’s refreshing. This is one of Boolfight’s greatest attributes. The music is not cumbersome. It is electronic easy listening. The melody is clearly defined and refreshing. The vocals, too, are clean – reminding me of a subdued Brandon Flowers. The end employs a wall-of-sound technique, but the music remains composed. At no point does it fly off the handle. There is almost a subtlety to it, and I am a fan.

“Majesty” starts similarly. The buzzy synthesizer at the song’s inception reminds me a bit of M83. Enter in some percussion and concurrent synth and the song transforms into Keane on electronic steroids – an elegant combination of pop melody and synthesizers. “Majesty” is my favorite track, and I believe that it, if introduced to the American public, it could go far. I mentioned the Killers and M83 in this post, and Boolfight molds these influences into a graceful track.

Check out the rest of Boolfight’s album

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