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Guy Grogan Sings His Heart Out In Newest Album Same Morning Light

20 Jun










From start to finish, Guy Grogan’s album sounds like an eternal daydream. With the songs having a tonality of beach and surfer rock, it also adds a dash of space rock in there too. The synthesizer adds texture to his songs on the album and intertwines you on the musical journey. The Wind Will Blow Us Home is a significant track within Same Morning Light because it balances the feelings of wandering and reflecting. With lyrics such as if we lose our way, the wind will blow us home characterizes the emotions of taking your own path and blending it with that of optimistic melancholy. Grogan’s voice remains consistent on the album, waving up and down in all of the right parts of his songs. If hearing his voice on his album and not recognizing the talent here, Grogan has received awards for his songwriting from New Mexico Music Awards, Indie International, Song of The Year, American Song-Writing Awards, and UKSC. Reflecting on who vocally shares the same sound, the voice of Andrew Kenny from American Analog Set comes to mind. The storyteller writing style and the simplistic music arrangement further adds similarities as well. I’m mainly asking myself why have I not heard of Guy Grogan before this? Although he has been releasing music since 2010, this album definitely stands out as one that is raw, real, and unapologetically carries the aura of brilliant confidence. Guy, you have a new fan.



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Patrick Ames Releases New Single Reawakened 2020 With Energy Fueled With Change

20 Jun










Patrick Ames releases his newest single Reawakened 2020 and channels the theme of change and equality. Definitely drawing inspiration from the world and the political climate, Ames integrates the power of our voice. In terms of when he wrote it, he actually wrote this back in January 2017 during the Inauguration Day for Trump. With the style being sung in that of  Rockhouse Gospel, the power of the words and the vocals being full of spirit, listeners want more from Ames. The mix of Ames and Jon Ireson’s guitars add even more texture to this song. Standout lyrics such as the hour has come for the power of belief reiterates how the power of change and fighting for what we stand for is here to stay. By banding together on shared beliefs and justice, we as a world can take inspiration from Reawakened 2020 and march on to bring a new start all of us want to see begin.

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The Rhythmic Folk of JF Robitaille

8 Aug

I am a little late on this profile of JF Robitaille. He released the EP that I just acquired in 2006. Robitaille released his first full-length LP around a month ago, so I am comforted in the fact that I have not missed material in between, but I do still have to pick up the new album. I am a firm believer, though, that it is never too late to get into any musician (most of my favorite artists stopped recording music prior to my birth) and I follow my mantra today with the Canadian singer-songwriter JF Robitaille.

The Blood in my Body (EP) was Robitaille’s first release as a solo artist and its rich six-song bounty provided listeners five years ago with the same folk joy that it provides listeners with today. I am living proof. Robitaille is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, already achieving comparisons to genre masters Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. His smooth voice, creative lyric and acoustic verses certainly plant him in the cabbage patch of singer-songwriters. But in order to sprout higher than others the music needs a sticking factor, a charm that makes listeners want to listen to songs on repeat. Many cannot get over this hump. Robitaille has the talent to do just that.

(Song starts at 30 second mark)

“Morning After Morning” is a simple piece. Basic chords picked by Robitaille while the rhythm section keeps linear heartbeat-like percussion. Yet, and I’ve said this a good amount of times on The Music Court, simplicity is not a bad thing when the song’s tight structure is intriguing. “Morning After Morning” keeps your attention.

“New York” is not even two minutes long. It is also a much more frantic piece. The choral harmony is quick, but enjoyable. It is also fly-trap catchy. It is a good sticky though. The verses are carried by shortly stroked chords and fast-paced drums. The lyric is also noticeable.

“I died while I was dreaming,
For a second I stopped breathing and I woke up on the quiet side of town.
Didn’t sleep that year at all.
A haze of cigarettes and alcohol, this dust had settled in my eyes.”

The diction certainly hits hard even in this short piece.

Check out some more of Mr. Robitaille’s music by following this link to his website

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