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Lord Sonny The Unifer Delivers A Throwback 1970s Inspired Album Titled Final Notice

13 May

Lord Sonny The Unifer carries the tonality of the free spirit of the 1970s, grunge of the 90s, and easy listening of modern day music. Lead by musician Gregory Jiritano, the album cohesively shows a well thought out theme and mood. Listeners will recognize first and foremost their sound is unlike most bands you hear today. With experience in sound experimentation in their earlier works, the tracks are layered with the varieties of stylistic instruments that add an intentional dimension. The album Final Notice alludes to the final call and warning that we get in the mail for various things. It serves not only as a symbolic message, but a political one as well. Lyrics on the album vary from reflecting and storytelling all mixed in one. March Forth carries a lot of the grunge and electronic synth-powered sound that characterizes their music so distinctively. As for those wanting to listen to a band that carries connecting messages to their audience with heart, go ahead and give Lord Sonny The Unifer a listen.

For more listening: The Starman From Final Notice


StrangeJuice Releases Their Latest Album Raising Cannibals

11 May

StrangeJuice releases Raising Cannibals and it carries a variety of the strange, quirky, and unconventional sounds of music. The band has a longstanding music history with 10 plus years in the industry, and honing in on their one of kind sound has kept them relevant to this day. The album itself carries a mixture of sounds mixed with synths and heavy metal influences as well. When thinking of similar bands and vocalists that they sound like one thinks of The ResidentsSonic Youth, and a dash of heavy metal as well. Lyrically, their music blends streams of consciousness with political and cultural references. The exact genre of their sound would best be characterized as new age, grunge, and neo-psychedelic. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, its quite clear that not only does is their vibe completely unique, it sounds nothing like most bands here in the United States. By combining their out of the box music and instrumentally diverse songs, StrangeJuice and their latest album Raising Cannibals keeps listeners interested in figuring them out and what is next on the wild ride of their music journey.

For more listening: Home Shopping From Raising Cannibals



This Beautiful Life Vol. 1 By Calvert Showcases Perfect Balance Between New Age Modern Music & Classical Music Undertones

11 May

When you start This Beautiful Life Vol. 1 in your headphones, you will immediately want to start humming along and dancing to the music that CALVERT creates. You will find familiarity in hearing a cover of Betty Who’s track Wanna Be in this album. From the synths that vibe throughout the whole EP and are reminiscent of Flo- Rida, Diplo, and many more in the EDM/DJ space, its quite clear that CALVERT is talented. The themes of the album include pushing through barriers and using strength as a superpower. He reflects as well on love, life, and loss. Listeners should not be surprised that his music has been showcased in Rent and Altar Boys. CALVERT’s voice sounds not only strong and well rounded, but it carries an empathetic quality that is infectious when you listen to his music. The album takes some twists and turns bringing in the sounds of the violin, unplanned piano melodies, and vocal runs that alot of talent lacks in the music space. CALVERT not only soars with this premiere album, but watch out for him in 2019, as I have a feeling he will not be unknown for much longer.

For more listening:

Words Of Yesterday Represents Everything That A Phoenix Needs To Rise From Their Ashes And Transform

6 May

Upon first listening to Benny Bassett, one can close their eyes and visualize the idea of chance and how it fits in the realms of love, life, and other areas. With his lyrics and unique storytelling, he paints visual pictures with lyrics such as “I want to show you this heart on my sleeve” and “mood is heavy, heartache forgotten with just one stare” in one of the songs Window to Forever. listeners can pick up on his reflective and meaningful way of intertwining his stories in his songs. Words of Yesterday overall sets up each track representing lost opportunities in certain situations, culminating in the heavy collection of songs. Bassett not only inspires listeners with the album, but it’s also to be held with a sense of empowerment as well. With every loss, there can be wins that are found. Following his second album, this 6 track EP will draw even more of a potential audience to his music. Instrumentally strong, the sound of the album sounds intentional and a varied mixture of rock, easy listening, and lyrical. There are dashes of country influence riffs and grit that will appeal to anyone taking a listen.

For more listening:


Love & Change Brings The Sound of Americana & Folk From Todd Warner Moore

29 Apr

Love & Change released from Todd Warner Moore channels everything a listener loves about Americana and Folk Music. The overall album spans across different moods and vibes within the track list. When thinking of additional bands that come to mind that carry the same feel as Todd Warner Moore, different ones channel aspects of Moore’s sound. For a more contemporary aspect, Joshua Radin sounds very similar. Honing in on the Americana homage points to the vocals of The Weepies and Jaymay. With lyrics that focus heavily on the art of storytelling first meetings, tough goodbyes, and everything in between, Moore characterizes the definition of a raw musician. “Goodbye on a sunny day, brightens all the shadows in a beautiful way” is a memorable lyric as it coexists among the emotions of happiness and sadness all in one. For the music connoisseur who wants to kick it back to original and one of a kind musicianship, do yourself a favor and start streaming the playlist.

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